Construction of double-circuit 400kV overhead power line  Ostrołęka - Olsztyn Mątki

Construction of double two-track power lines with a nominal voltage of 400kV between Olsztyn Mątki and electric power station in Ostrołęka, includingthe insertion of single power line to the Olsztyn substation and construction of fibre optic lines between the stations.

Scope of work:

The project is realized using the “design and build” formula, obtaining the rights to use the property for the purpose of construction works, obtaining licenses and permissions required by law, design documentation, reconstruction of obstructions in the path of the projected line, removal of the existing 220kV line from Olsztyn Mątki – Olsztyn – length 17,55 km and Olsztyn - Ostrołęka – length 119,00 km, construction of line with fibre optic tracks, conducting acceptance testing, development of as-built documentation, notification of completion of the work and obtaining all necessary agreements and permits.

Investment value: 425 735 462,31 PLN gross

Execution period : 2013 - 30.09.2016


Investor: PSE Operator S.A.

General Contractor: Aldesa Nowa Energia Sp. z o.o.

Download PDF: Budowa dwutorowej linii 400 kV Olsztyn Mątki - Ostrołęka (PDF, 1MB)