Aldesa has signed a contract for the modernization of the tram route in Gdansk Stogi

As part of the Gdańsk Municipal Transport Project, Aldesa will modernize a two-track tram line with a length of about 4 km divided into the following 3 sections. The first of these includes Budzysza street, from the intersection with Sucharskiego street to the intersection with Skiba street. The second section concerns Stryjewskiego street from the intersection with Skiby street to the intersection of Nowotna street with Krucza street and the “Pasanil” loop. The third section includes Nowotna street from Krucza street to the “Stogi Plaża” loop. As part of the investment, the road system will also be rebuilt along with pavements, exits as well as pedestrian and bicycle routes.

After the modernization low-floor trams will appear on the route, which will facilitate the use of communication for the elderly and the disabled. The reconstructed stops will be included in the video monitoring of the TRISTAR Network (Tri-City Intelligent Agglomeration Transport System), as well as the passenger information system.

The completion date of the project expected by the City of Gdańsk is May 31, 2019. The Contracting Authority has allocated PLN 89 960 250.55 net in the budget.