Aldesa will build next 3 wind farms in Poland for 150 million PLN

Aldesa Construcciones SA, which belongs to Grupo Aldesa, has signed a contract of  150 million PLN value with Akuo Energy. The subject of the agreement is the construction of 3 wind farms, where the first one, placed in Wielowieś, Silesia region, will have the total capacity of 66 MW. Next two are in the north part of Poland, i.e. one located in Lębork, total power of 44 MW and another in Gniew, with total capacity of 22 MW.

All projects are executed under the BOP (Balance of Plant) mode, i.e. including all the infrastructure works. It is expected that the energy generated by wind will meet electricity demand of approx. 200 000 households and will reduce CO2 emission by 300 000 tones each year.