Project design and construction of the S19 expressway Lublin – Rzeszów, bypass of Kraśnik

The subject of the project is the design and construction of the S19 expressway, on the section of bypass of the city of Kraśnik (intersection Kraśnik Północ – intersection Kraśnik Południe including the intersection) from approx. 32 + 000.00 km to approx. 42 + 000.00 km of total length of approx. 10 km. It is part of the investment task for the S19 Lublin – Rzeszów express road, on the section from Lublin to the end of the Kraśnik bypass end and it is located in the Lublin province, in the Kraśnik district, in the Wilkołaz and Kraśnik municipalities and in the city of Kraśnik.

Investor: General Administration of National Roads and Motorways
Project execution : 2021