Project design and construction of the S19 expressway Lublin – Rzeszów, the section Lublin – Niedrzwica Duża intersection

The scope of the project is the preparation of the design documentation and execution of S19 expressway on the section from Lublin (Lublin Węglin intersection – without the intersection) to Niedrzwica Duża intersection including intersection from 0 + 000.00 km to approx. 12 + 000.00 km, of total length of approx. 12 km. This section is a part of the investment task for the S19 Lublin – Rzeszów express road, on the section Lublin – the end of the Kraśnik bypass, located in the Lublin province, in the Lublin district, in the Konopnica and Niedrzwica Duża municipalities.