Integrated Management System

The Implemented Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety in Aldesa aims to consolidate the processes, procedures and practices used in the company. In our opinion, the integrated system is more effective in achieving the goals of the policy than through separate systems. Therefore, Aldesa implements ISO 14001: 2004 (Environmental Management System), OHSAS 18001: 2007 (Safety Management System) and ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality Management System).

Health and Safety at work

The completion of construction works involves exposure of workers to dangerous, harmful and disruptive factors in the workplace. Site works create a number of serious potential accidents and require maintaining special safety and health principles, regulated by relevant legislation.

Health and safety at work is a very important part of our philosophy, on a par with profitability, quality and productivity. The implemented safety analysis method through direct observation of processes and installations determines risk in the workplace. We conduct safety inspections then report the results to those responsible for the work or services, particularly in the case of requirements to implement corrective or preventive actions, with the use of standards and regulations in situations of high and immediate risk by implementing appropriate measures to eliminate imminent danger.

The company's strategy on health and safety is a set of obligations and directives to which all employees must comply. This makes them participate in the process of health and safety management.

Quality Policy

The principles and general objectives of Aldesa are defined in the Company Quality Policy, which is part of the general policy of the company and is its logical consequence.



  • To provide our customers with safe and reliable products and services which comply with specifications, standards, regulations and code of conduct

  • To reducethe number of faults

  • Implementation of activities focusing on prevention, not only on intervention

  • The ratio of quality and price of our products to be compatible with the requirements of customers

  • Maintaining constant contact with customers, based on cooperation and improvement of our products and services

  • Training, motivating and engaging all employees in the management and development of the implemented Quality System


General objectives:

  • Establishing quality as a key element of corporate culture

  • Empowering company staff to actively abide by and identify with the company Quality Policy

  • Promoting participation in quality management

  • Continuous optimization of the overall business process


Aldesa works according to Quality Policy, based on ISO 9001: 2008.

Environmental Policy

Aldesa policy regarding environment puts a special emphasis on prevention and continuous improvement of environmental performance, indicating a high degree of commitment at all levels of the organization.

Aldesa adapts good environmental practices in the office and on-site. We inform both employees and subcontractors how to separate waste and what preventive measures to use for the storage of materials. For us, the maintenance of tidiness on-site is one of the most important aspects determining the appropriate management of waste at the site. It is also important to provide training and awareness for all staff in the office building and on-site, to conduct separation of materials and avoid the traditional mixing of all types of waste together, which hinders work and increases costs related to waste management. We also control the use of water, energy and products.

Aldesa acts in accordance with the policy of environmental protection with Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001:2004.