Aldesa Nowa Energia started the construction of power line for Pomorze region

Construction of the 400 kV power line Gdańsk Przyjaźń - Żydowo Kierzkowo shall soon start.  New power connections are necessary to maintain the security of our region. Efficient implementation of the project will depend on the good cooperation of the contractor with the local community and commune office. These are the main conclusions of the energy conference in Szymbark organized by the general contractor - Aldesa Nowa Energia.

The meeting on 15 June 2016 was attended by, among others, representatives of regional authorities and mayors, governors, councilors and village administrators of the municipalities, which are located on the route of the line in question. The event was organized by the contractor of the 400 kV power line Gdańsk Przyjaźń-Żydowo Kierzkowo, the company Aldesa Nowa Energia sp. z o.o. and the investor of the project, a state-owned company Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne SA. Energy security of the region and the role of local governments in the implementation of the construction of "energy highway", which is to pass through the eleven municipalities of the region of Pomorskie and Zachodniopomorskie, were the main topics of discussion of the conference participants. The new double-circuit 400 kV line will replace the used up, acting for 60 years of the twentieth century, the single-circuit 220 kV line.

The success of the investment depends on local support

The Conference was opened by Riszard Świlski - Member of the Regional Board, who emphasized the scale and importance of the investment and the importance of cooperation with local governments. Professor Waldemar Kamrat from Gdansk University of Technology presented the information on the energy balance and energy security of the Pomorskie region. Then the representative of the investor - Rafal Kuźniak, President of PSE Investments - discussed the ongoing projects aimed at maintaining the stability of energy supplies to customers in the region. At the same time he emphasized the need for transparent communication with local communities.

It will be safe

Representatives of the contractor, i.e. Aldesa Nowa Energia, discussed the present state of work and summed up the current arrangements with local communities. They emphasized that the construction of the line has been designed with respect for environmental regulations. Also they reported that in the course of the construction works in the field, heavy equipment - trucks, cranes and excavators must be used. However, the contractor assured that the work will be conducted in a way casing the least inconvenience for people and the environment. The commencement of works is planned for the third quarter.

Additional information

The 400 kV power line Gdańsk Przyjaźń - Żydowo Kierzkowo will consist of approximately120 kilometers. The investment will cover the 11 municipalities (Żukowo, Somonino, Nowa Karczma, Kościerzyna, Lipusz Parchowo, Studzienice, Bytów, Tuchomie, Miastko, Polanów). According to the plan, the project is to be completed in 2019. After the construction of new infrastructure, the contractor shall dismantle the existing 220 kV line, used on a similar distance in the 60s of the last century.

The investor commissioning this task is Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A. (PSE). This is a state- owned company of key importance for the Polish economy. The scope and form of its activities as a Transmission System Operator is set out in the Energy Law. PSE is involved in power transmission with 400 kV and 220 lines throughout the country. They ensure energy security of the country, development of the transmission network, as well as cross-border connections with the systems of neighbouring countries. PSE owns 14 thousand km high voltage lines and over 100 substations.