The Aldesa Group has been working for years to make its economic development compatible with its environmental and social awareness through an adequate management model. The Group’s Corporate Responsibility strategy, which is articulated through the motto “We build confidence”, is based on a series of corporate values that extend to all levels of the organization and which are intended to be a veritable commitment to all interested parties: clients, employees, partners, suppliers, subcontractors, users, public administrations and society in general.

Corporate Responsibility Report 2012 (PDF)

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Our strategy and management

We carry out our business strategy in a socially responsible way, taking into account the needs of all stakeholders. We are aware that they have a significant impact on our business; therefore the foundation of our relationship is to conduct a number of activities aimed at meeting their needs, as well as the mutual development of effective solutions. Our basic forms of cooperation include: communication, consultation, dialogue and partnership.

Through our dialogue with stakeholders we can make better business decisions, manage risk more efficiently, and produce long-term development plans, taking into account both our values and needs of society. We always try to listen to our partners and meet their expectations, whereby we can work out the best compromises and make appropriate decisions.

Our employees

Aldesa Polska consists of over 200 employees whose knowledge, experience and energy build our organization. Therefore we have created a friendly and safe workplace to allow employees to develop and maintain a balance between work and private life. Our goal is to build a culture based on trust, responsibility for assigned tasks and skilfully given feedback.

We value open communication, the ability to cooperate, and partner relations between management and employees. We believe that our success in the market would not be possible without their support and commitment.


We are aware that market success is based on our people - their knowledge, skills, motivation and potential. We also know that they are a key asset of our organization, and we make sure to provide them with the best possible working conditions and professional development.

We consequently support our employees in improving their competence, planning the right path of development and the pursuit of self-improvement, based on the assumption that company development is not possible without development of its employees.

Our long-term goal is to build a learning organization which will progress in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.


Support for initiatives that create value for the community

Aware of its impact on the surroundings, the company aims at maintaining healthy relations with its local environment. These relations are based on the principle of partnership and respect for the rights and transparency of actions. Aldesa supports local initiatives to improve the quality of life of residents.

Aldesa Group’s social action is centred around developing projects that genuinely address the real needs of society, such as the need to promote the development of infrastructure in the world’s poorest regions and the social integration of the less fortunate in communities in which the Group operates. Likewise, the Group supports cultural and sporting development through the sponsoring of events and initiatives that take place in these communities.

Safety and the environment

Health and Safety at work is a touchstone of Aldesa’s philosophy, considered as important as profitability, quality and production. It’s Health and Safety Policy encompasses a series of commitments and directives that all employees have to comply with, making them participants in preventive health and safety management.

Ensuring a safe working environment and a supportive environment for employees is the main goal of our human resources policy. All employees should feel comfortable and safe, whether they are at working in the office or on-site. A safe workplace, without a negative impact on the environment, requires all offices and projects to perform risk assessments for our employees, contractors and others who may be exposed as a result of our activities, such as third parties and the environment. In our work we always try to eliminate risks to health and safety at the source rather than treat the effects. Our goal is to prevent accidents, occupational diseases, environmental damage and general loss. This is implemented by identifying risk and by appropriate preventive measures to reduce or eliminate the risk.

The company continually implements procedures leading to the protection of the environment, which affects not only services but also all the activities around the world. The company implements ISO 14001: 2004 (Environmental Management System), OHSAS 18001: 2007 (Safety Management System) and ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality Management System).

Sustainable Construction

At Aldesa, we realize that over the past few decades, global climate changes have become more and more prominent. This is why we use innovative materials, employ a culture of building safely and new, environmentally-conscious construction techniques to make construction results friendly both to users-and the environment.

It is our priority to reduce energy consumption and unnecessary exploitation of resources, as well as the amount of construction waste and pollution from the transport of construction materials.

Aldesa has committed to wind energy projects that help protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emission and the amount of other pollutants released into the atmosphere. Wind energy is becoming more and more important in satisfying the growing need for electric energy and remains a successful weapon against global warming.

Wind turbines do not release pollutants to the atmosphere, do not deteriorate soil and pose no threat to surface- and groundwater. Wind supply is inexhaustible and produces no waste, which underlines the positive impact of wind farms on the natural environment.

Here are wind energy production's most important benefits for the environment, society and the economy:

  • Greatly contributes to environmental protection, better air quality, reduced degradation of habitats and diminishing climate changes

  • Uses emission-free technology, with zero emission of greenhouse gases, i.e. carbon dioxide, sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, or particulate matter

  • Leaves no solid or gas waste, causes no soil degradation or soil pollution, does not deteriorate land or cause losses in water circulation

  • Wind is an inexhaustible, renewable energy source, thus, it contributes to the decreasing use of fossil fuels.

  • Wind energy has low operating costs

  • Helps develop new sectors of economy, thus producing more income for the state, local government and enterprise 

  • Helps develop and mobilize regions, including maritime ones

  • Develops new technologies and encourages innovation

  • Positively influences sustainable development