Aldesa lands in Uruguay with a road project worth 304 million euros

Aldesa - Aldesa lands in Uruguay with a road project worth 304 million euros

Aldesa has consolidated its activity in Latin America by signing a contract in Uruguay worth 304 million euros, the first one achieved by the company there. It will renovate and maintain a 184-kilometer stretch of roads as part of its contract to execute the “Circuito Nº 5” project, granted to the joint venture to which Aldesa belongs, Autovías Cinco, S.A. This infrastructure project is one of the largest in investment figures, from amongst those launched by the Uruguayan Government to recover and improve the national road network.

With a 20-year timeline, the contract has been awarded by the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, taking the form of a Public-Private Venture. It includes the design, construction, operation and financing of the road layout existing along Route No. 14 (between Sarandí del Yí and Lascano), and Route No. 15 (between Lascano and Velázquez), running through the departments of Rocha, Florida and Lavalleja, in South Uruguay.

The activities planned include improvements in the surfacing, in terms of size and type of driving surface, the building of new infrastructures and improvements in existing ones- such as bridges and overpasses-, and adjustments in junctions or crossroads. These improvements will boost local economic progress, will have a positive impact on road safety and will reduce traveling time (amongst other advantages).

The Aldesa construction group has been executing civil engineering infrastructure and construction works for more than 50 years. It is also present in the industrial, energy, real estate and concessions sectors. The company has significantly expanded in the concessions sector over the last few years by operating transport infrastructures, mainly in Spain and Mexico. Furthermore, in 2021, the company achieved its first concession contract in Chile for the provision of operation, toll and smart system maintenance services and user assistance along the Ruta 5 Talca-Chillán highway, 195 kilometers long.


Photo: Road No. 5 built by Aldesa to Talca-Chillan in Chile.