Aldesa Peru certifies its anti-bribery management system pursuant to ISO 37001:2016

Aldesa - Aldesa Peru certifies its anti-bribery management system pursuant to ISO 37001:2016

Aldesa’s branch office in Peru has validated its anti-bribery management system pursuant to standard ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Corruption and Business Ethics. This certification, awarded after completing an audit conducted by an independent third party, Global Certification Bureau, is relevant to the fight against bribery in all aspects and constitutes an additional guarantee for the organisation’s clients and collaborators, by disclosing its transparent and ethical behaviour in all operations.

Aldesa, as part of this certification, which is valid for three years, must complete periodic checks to ensure that it still meets the conditions for applicability of the anti-bribery management system. Its scope covers four main headings: the construction of civil engineering works, road construction, buildings and the construction of electrical infrastructures.

The achievement of this certification in Peru is a further indication of Aldesa’s commitment to transparency, integrity and the best international compliance practices. Along these lines, in 2020, the organisation became the first in Spain to be certified under UNE 19601:2017 Criminal Compliance Management System. Since then, Bureau Veritas is endorsing its implemented compliance system to prevent crime, reduce criminal risks and promote a culture based on ethics and compliance culture throughout the organisation.

More than a decade’s contribution to Peru’s infrastructures

Aldesa, with over 50 years’ experience in global infrastructures, has been present in Peru since 2012. Its National Archaeological Museum (MUNA) (Peru’s largest museum and one of Latin America’s most important); Mapfre’s new head office in Lima (and eight-storey building with five underground floors); and the Pardo 200 building in the district of Miraflores (two 18-storey towers, with seven underground floors), are some of the highlights executed in Peru.