Aldesa 15 anniversary in Poland

Aldesa 15 anniversary in Poland

Aldesa, a construction company brought to life in 1969 in Madrid, is working on three continents – Europe, both South and North America and Asia, and is conducting projects in 15 countries all over the world: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Norway, Denmark, India, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Spain and Portugal.

The company has very broad competences – the scope of projects includes large infrastructure projects – roads and railways, energy, industry, residential construction, office buildings, shopping centers, advanced technological solutions such as ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) and traffic management systems on highways. In 2019 Aldesa celebrated half a century of existence.

In 2006, thanks to the very good financial condition of the Company and the prospects opening up on foreign markets, a decision was made to expand in South America and Central Europe and to establish a dedicated company in Poland for this purpose. The decision was also related to the rapid economic development of the region and its integration with the European Union. The architects of the plans were then president of Aldesa – Antonio Fernandez Rubio and the second vice president – Matilde Fernandez Ruiz. Poland was about to become its center of expension and a place for new headquarters.

From 2020, the main shareholder of the Aldesa Group is the Chinese group China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC). With the achievement of a strategic partnership with CRCC, the largest railway company and the third largest construction company in the world, Aldesa is pursuing ambitious plans to double its turnover. CRCC, which has huge railway projects all over China in its portfolio, is a company with one of the greatest know-how and investment achievements in the railway industry in the world. After the Chinese giant joined the company, Aldesa began to pursue ambitious plans to double its turnover. It plans to increase the portfolio of new orders to 3 billion EUR annually.

Aldesa in Poland​​​​​​​

The company in Poland is a general contractor in many sectors such as roads and railways, energy, industry, cubature, advanced technological solutions such as ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) and traffic management systems on highways.

Aldesa in Poland was established on September 6th, 2007 in Cracow at 18b Wielopole St, as a part of Aldesa Group, its main goal was to develop real estate projects in Middle-East Europe. The company at the beginning had to concentrate on the construction of houses, offices, shopping centers, hotels and logistics centers, across Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. It started intense analyses of investment possibilities and project management in main cities of the region. Original bussines assumptions for years 2008-2012 predicted three or four projects per year.

The Cracovian team of Aldesa Polska began to be completed at the turn of 2008 and 2009, when another company of the Group was established – Aldesa Nowa Energia, with a view of implementing renewable energy projects in Poland.

In 2011, Aldesa’s second office was opened in Poland, this time in Służewiec in Warsaw, and the Company closed the year with a portfolio of construction works worth 70 million PLN. In 2012, 50 people worked in two offices in Poland. In the same year, the Cracovian team changed its seat and moved to the newly built by Aldesa Diamante Plaza.

Diamante Plaza

The building that began the history of Aldes in Poland and the first headquarters of the company was a class A office building in Krakow – Diamante Plaza with a rental area of 10,000 m2. The project of the office building was created in 2006, before the Company settled in Poland for good. Its implementation was associated with the exceptionally quickly growing office space market in Cracow, which in turn was associated with the expansion of international consulting and service companies that admired the capital of Małopolska voivodship. The exceptionally high demand for modern office space and well-equipped office buildings of a high standard, comparable to Western European standards, resulted in the implementation of many similar projects in several districts of Cracow. Construction work on Diamante Plaza began in February 2008 and was completed in February 2010. The value of the investment was 25 million EUR and Aldesa was its main investor.

The Diamante Plaza building was designed according to the highest technical standards to ensure the best comfort for tenants. The project combines timeless architecture, elegance and functionality. The shape of the building refers to an irregularly cut diamond, and the black elements of the facade refer to its rare variety, called carbonado. The office building has 4 above-ground and two underground levels (193 parking spaces in the underground garage); it is monitored with closed-circuit television cameras, air-conditioned, has tilt windows, large natural light exposure thanks to the glass facade and spacious conference rooms. Now, Diamante Plaza is one of the most recognizable office buildings in Cracow.

Diamante Plaza

As it soon turned out, the decision to enter new markets had an amazing effect of increasing the company’s turnover. In 2013, the turnover of the Polish company was 92 million EUR. The company also obtains ISO 9001 certification.

In 2018, as part of the Grupo Aldesa structure, a business line QUADRATURE brand are created in Poland. Quadrature, deals with fit-out services in the design & build formula, designing and constructing interiors of shopping malls, commercial spaces, offices, hotels, schools and warehouses, dealing with the entire process – from design and its valuation, to execution, including construction works, installation and construction.

The years 2021 and 2022 were extremely busy and successful for Aldesa in Poland. After signing further contracts for the construction of expressways in Poland, Aldesa Polska ranked eighth in the ranking of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in terms of the number of kilometers built for a state investor. Large road infrastructure projects are not the only undertakings of the Company.

In the years 2020-2022, Aldesa Polska has completed or commissioned the following construction projects in Poland:

  1. Fuel tanks with a capacity of 64,000 m3 at the PERN base in Dębogórze near Gdynia;
  2. 400 kV Żydowo-Gdańsk high voltage line, 120 km long;
  3. 4 km long tram line to Stogi in Gdańsk;
  4. Three wind farms in Pomerania – with a total capacity of 198 MW;
  5. Wind power plant in Wielowieś in Silesia – 20 turbines with a total capacity of 66 MW;
  6. Wind farm in Budzyń in Greater Poland – 35 windmills with a total capacity of 70 MW;
  7. Rondo Rataje – the largest communication junction in Poznań;
  8. Section of the expressway S19 Lublin – Niedrzwica Duża, 12 km long;
  9. Section of the expressway S19 – the Kraśnik bypass with a length of 10 km.

Aldesa Polska’s currently underway contracts include:

  1. Construction of the S7 expressway on the Płońsk-Czosnów section – a dual carriageway road with three lanes in each direction, 13 km long;
  2. Construction of an 8 km long section of the S19 expressway in the vicinity of Białystok and two sections of national roads with a length of 13.7 km;
  3. Traffic management system on the S6 and S7 expressways in the Pomorskie and Olsztyn-Mazurskie voivodships with a total length of 231 km;
  4. Construction of the S6 expressway in the area of Słupsk, 13 km long;
  5. Construction of a pumping station in Solina in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship for PERN;
  6. Construction of the S19 express road in the area of Krosno, 10.3 km long;
  7. Reconstruction of the railway line Ełk – Giżycko, 50 km long;
  8. Construction of a 3.9 km high-speed tram line in Bratislava, Slovakia;
  9. Construction of three fuel tanks for PERN S.A. with a total volume of 96,000 m3;
  10. Dynamic passenger information system, safety system and SOS system for PKP PLK at 133 stations and railway stops throughout Poland.

The most expensive project with the highest contractual amount of the contract ever done by Aldesa in Poland is:

  • reconstruction of the S7 expressway towards Gdańsk on the Płońsk – Czosnów section, with a value of 692,5 million PLN, project from 2020

The first one is a contract for the reconstruction of a section of the S7 expressway Płońsk-Czosnów. The contract value is  692.5 mln PLN . This fragment of S7 will be put into use in the spring of 2025. The contract covers the construction of an almost 13-kilometer section – two roadways with three lanes in each direction – north of Warsaw between Płońsk and Czosnów on the section from the Siedlin junction to the Załuski junction (without junctions), the construction of one Passenger Service Area (MOP) and one The Road Maintenance District (OD) and the construction of two road junctions: Poczernin and Przyborowice. The contract will run for 45 months and construction work started on time. The S7 route will connect the Three Cities (Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia) with Warsaw, Radom, Kielce, Cracow, Zakopane and Rabka Zdrój. It will have a total length of over 700 km. It is one of the most important expressways in Central Europe, connecting Polish ports on the Baltic Sea with the south of the continent. The contract date ends in 2025.

  • the modernization of the railway line No. 38 between Ełk and Giżycko, worth 649 million PLN, is a contract from 2022.

The contract concerns the reconstruction of the single-track railway line No. 38 Ełk – Giżycko with a total length of approximately 50 km. The contract value is 648 698 894.52 PLN. The investor of the construction is PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. The executive partner of Aldesa is China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation. The scope of works includes the modernization of the traction network, reconstruction of the track along the Ełk-Giżycko route with a total length of approx. 50.00 km, construction and reconstruction of 67 engineering structures, 8 platforms and 23 crossings. The project is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2024.

We are Aldesa, our Polish team

Since its establishment in Poland in 2007, Aldesa has been promoting local employment as another sign of its commitment to the local communities in which it is present. The team was systematically growing – in 2011 it was already 13 people, in 2012, when the second Aldesa office in Warsaw was established – already 56, in 2013 – 173 people. Currently, in 2022, Aldesa Polska employs 359 men and women (203 and 156).

CSR, sport and sustainable development

The first charity work of the new Polish team took place in 2013. At that time, the “Mimo Wszystko” foundation, which supported people with disabilities, was selected for the Christmas campaign. Employees in Poland have also shown their support to the Szlachetna Paczka project, the aim of which is to help poor families during Christmas period. Thanks to the funds raised by the employees, the family of seven received food, household items, clothes, shoes and toys for children. At the same time, Aldesa Polska also supported the campaign of collecting plastic caps, the proceeds of which are allocated to rehabilitation or specialized equipment for people with special needs, and charity work carried out by the Polish Knights of Malta Foundation in Warsaw.

In 2014, the Olsztyn University of Electronics and Telecommunications organized an event devoted to electricity called “Electron Show”, during which school students took part in competitions, seminars and experiments related to the operation of electricity. Aldesa Polska representatives had the opportunity to participate in meetings concerning the construction of the 400 kV Ostrołęka-Olsztyn Mątki line, during which they talked about the project and answered questions from students and teachers.

Aldesa also supported Spanish language classes for 50 students of the 1st High School in Ostrołęka. In primary schools in these communes, along the power line route (Wielbark, Barczewo, Kadzidło, Lelis and Czarnia), an educational program was also organized, where students were shown how electricity is produced and how it is used in everyday life.

In 2015, Aldesa Nowa Energia organized educational workshops for children on the Gdańsk Przyjaźń – Żydowo Kierzkowo route, which showed through play what electricity is and how to handle it. The idea and goal of the project is to spread awareness from an early age of what electricity is and what benefits it brings, but also how to avoid the dangers of using it. The project was organized in 18 schools in all 11 municipalities through which the power line we were building runs. It was conducted until 2017 and about 500 hundred students took part in it.

In 2017, Aldesa managed to get involved in the development of the Stępnica commune, where the Glinki-Recław power line construction office was located. In relation with the project, as in the case of the Gdańsk Przyjaźń – Żydowo Kierzkowo investment, an educational campaign for students on electricity was carried out at the primary school in Stępnica, the leading motive of which was energy saving. That year, Aldesa financed Christmas gifts for children from the above-mentioned commune and made a donation to the municipal fire brigade, thanks to which the equipment necessary to ensure communication was purchased. The Christmas cards also supported the Children’s Foundation, which takes care of over 33,000 sick and disabled children all over Poland.

In 2017, Aldesa also took part in the 4th edition of the Energy for Pomerania Conference in Szymbark, bringing together representatives of local and regional administration who were beneficiaries of the construction of the 400kV line between Gdańsk Przyjaźń and Żydów Kierzków, as well as representatives of the State Forests and provincial environmental protection offices.

In 2018, initiatives connected to energy projects in Poland contained of: organization of different leisure activities for children, such as Kids Day fair in Koniewo, Zachodniopomorskie voivodeship (in relation to our power line Glinki-Recław) and co-organisation of Family Day picnic in Poznań, where Aldesa conducted a construction project.

We also organized the “Energy for Pomerania” conference, during which we discussed the progress of works, issues of environmental supervision and the safety of the construction of the Gdańsk Przyjaźń – Żydowo Kierzkowo transmission line. We also had the opportunity to help the Red Noses Clowndoctors Polonia organization, which supports and takes care of ill children in hospitals .

Aldesa also supports young engineers at the beginning of their careers. One of the opportunities for this is participation in the annual Job Fair of the Warsaw University of Technology, during which we offered students and graduates of engineering faculties the opportunity to undergo paid internships. The organizer of the event was BEST Warsaw (Board of European Students of Technology), an international student organization associating European technical universities. We also took part in similar events organized by the University of Gdańsk and the Lublin University of Technology.

Aldesa employees in Poland also participate in various sports events. In 2018, ALDESpeed teams ran in the Ekiden relay race in Warsaw, taking 155th and 210th place out of 752 starting teams. We also participated in a Runmageddon in Gliwice.

The year 2020, due to the COVID pandemic, posed not only many restrictions, but also challenges. In this new and difficult situation, Aldesa donated more than 2,500 masks to the Kraśnik Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the Lublin Province, as part of help and support.

In 2022, we joined the solidarity action to help people affected by the conflict in Ukraine and became involved in the #SolidaritytoUkraine campaign. Thanks to the cooperation of volunteers, at our headquarters in Madrid and Warsaw, we collected, classified and shipped gifts to Ukrainian refugees in Poland and to victims in the conflict zone itself. We also made numerous donations to UNHCR and the “Siepomaga” foundation.

After the break caused by COVID pandemic we came back to sports activities and took part in Ekiden relay race and the Warsaw Uprising Run.