Career path

Career path

Our employees are given an opportunity to learn, develop and, finally, become promoted! We show how does it look  like in practice by the example of two of our employees, Magda and Jorge.

Magda joined our team during the second half of 2013. As she says,  the recruiting process lasted few days days – first there was a meeting with recruitment department, then an interview with Financial and Administrative Department managers. And that is how Magda started her work as Senior Finance Specialist where she was responsible for guarantees and loans. And only one year later she became Financial and Administrative Manager.  In two successive years she was promoted to the position of Deputy Financial and Administrative Director. She has shown some strong achievements like implementation of electronic payment system, so-called SWIFT or implementation of loan modules TREASURY and automatic posting of bank statements.

What does Magda say about her job? “Im very glad that I got and work here – mostly because I like people with whom every day we solve many complicated issues. Aldesa is a place where you can find many challenges which gives a great potential for development, of which I take advantage” – concludes Magda, for more than a year,  Financial and Administrative Director.

Jorge, who is currently our Procurement Manager at the Department of Residential, Office and
Commercial Construction joined our team at the beginning of 2015. He started his professional
adventure as Valuation Department Specialist. His duties included analysing tender documentation,
maintaining contacts with subcontractors, comparison of their offers and drawing up cost estimates.
After a year, he became the Construction Works Valuations Co-ordinator. Implicitly, he became in charge
of supervising work of several individuals. He started to attend meetings with subcontractors where he
negotiated terms of contracts and pricing.

At the beginning of 2017 he was promoted to his current position and, as he himself admitted, the scope
of his duties changed completely. Currently, he is in charge of co-ordination of the entire department
and substantial part of his work is the co-operation with our Clients. He takes part in the meetings
following selection of our bid, negotiating terms and conditions of the prospective contract until its
execution. He often acts as an ‘interface’ between us and our Clients, also in the course of the
subsequent implementation of projects.

When asked what he considers the key part of his success he says: “It is my commitment and ongoing
willingness to learn new things and find solutions whenever any obstacles come up. I also try to be
open minded and talk to people from every department of the Company.

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