Our thanks for supporting the #SolidaritytoUkraine campaign, promoted by Aldesa

Aldesa - Our thanks for supporting the #SolidaritytoUkraine campaign, promoted by Aldesa

Aldesa, joining the current solidarity to help those affected by the war in Ukraine, has promoted since March 2022 the campaign #SolidaritytoUkraine. Thanks to the donations received, some thirty boxes filled with essential goods and several thousand euros have already been sent to Ukrainian refugees in Poland, where the company has been present since 2007, as well as to those affected in the conflict zone itself.

The collaboration of several volunteers has made it possible to gather, classify and send the donations collected at the Madrid and Warsaw headquarters, among other work centers, and which mainly included canned food, children’s products and medicines. As for the economic contributions, they were channeled through direct donations to UNHCR and Siepomaga, two social entities that have been providing aid on the ground since the beginning of the conflict.

Aldesa would like to publicly thank its team and all those who joined this solidarity initiative for the extraordinary collaboration received in this situation of extreme need.