Modernization of the tram route in Gdansk Stogi


Modernization of the tram route in Gdansk Stogi

The reconstruction of a two-track tram line with a length of approx. 4 km was performed as part of the project and it was divided into three sections:

1. Budzysza street, at a height from the intersection with Sucharskiego street to the intersection with Skiba street.
2. Stryjewskiego street from the intersection with Skiby street to the intersection of Nowotna and Krucza streets and the “Pasanil” loop.
3. Nowotna street Krucza street to the “Stogi Plaża” loop.

As part of the investment, the road system were also rebuilt along with pavements, exits together with pedestrian and bicycle routes. Two tram loops were built with 14 new stops on the route; also 17 Strail crossings were built.

Photo: Grzegorz Mehring/

Investor: City of Gdańsk

Project execution: 2020