In our business activity we are governed by high ethical standards, building partner relationships with employees, customers, institutions, contractors, suppliers and the environment. We believe that honesty and integrity are of the highest priority and are determining factors to the success of our company. Therefore, we are oriented to increasing efficiency and the creation of the highest quality and safety standards, creating a friendly workplace and providing services of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on being a reliable business partner and an attractive employer.

The Code of Ethics and Anticorruption Policy are our response to formalise the ethical principles that should be adhered to in our daily work and guided by each employee. This document is the foundation that should serve to further strengthen and build trust among our partners and provide support in the creation of a common value system. The standards set out in the Code of Ethisc and Anticorruption Policy reflect our beliefs and commitment to building a culture for our company.


Download: Code of Ethics and Anticorruption Policy