Sustainable development

Sustainable development

At Aldesa, we realize that over the past few decades, global climate changes have become more and more prominent. This is why we use innovative materials, employ a culture of building safely and new, environmentally-conscious construction techniques to make construction results friendly both to users-and the environment.

It is our priority to reduce energy consumption and unnecessary exploitation of resources, as well as the amount of construction waste and pollution from the transport of construction materials.

Aldesa has committed to wind energy projects that help protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emission and the amount of other pollutants released into the atmosphere. Wind energy is becoming more and more important in satisfying the growing need for electric energy and remains a successful weapon against global warming.

Wind turbines do not release pollutants to the atmosphere, do not deteriorate soil and pose no threat to surface- and groundwater. Wind supply is inexhaustible and produces no waste, which underlines the positive impact of wind farms on the natural environment.

Here are wind energy production’s most important benefits for the environment, society and the economy:

  • Great contribution to environmental protection, better air quality, reduced degradation of habitats and diminishing climate changes;
  • Use of the emission-free technology, with zero emission of greenhouse gases, i.e. carbon dioxide, sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, or particulate matter;
  • No solid or gas waste, no soil degradation or soil pollution, it does not deteriorate land or cause losses in water circulation;
  • Wind is an inexhaustible, renewable energy source, thus, it contributes to the decreasing use of fossil fuels;
  • Wind energy has low operating costs;
  • Development of the new sectors of economy, thus producing more income for the state, local government and enterprise;
  • Development and mobilization of the regions, including maritime ones;
  • Development of the new technologies and encouragement for the innovation;
  • Positive influence on the sustainable development.