Aldesa’s Quality Policy guarantees that the end product is safe, reliable and meets all the applicable specifications, standards and codes.

The companies of the Grupo Aldesa have the Quality Management Certificate based on ISO standard 9001: 2008, which ensures compliance with our clients’ requirements with regard to satisfaction levels, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements to reduce errors and to establish a framework for continuous improvement in the company’s progress.

Aldesa also has a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) established for every project. This plan covers the review of the project with regard to deficiencies, ambiguities, proposals for improvement, etc., as well as the control of documents (plans and other construction documentation) and inspections in the receipt of materials and their subsequent traceability, among others aspects.

Furthermore, inspections are carried out at the beginning, during and at the end of the execution of each unit of construction.


  • To ensure that the products and services supplied to our clients are safe, reliable and meet the applicable specifications, standards, legislation and codes;
  • To reduce errors;
  • To establish actions aimed at prevention and not only detection;
  • To supply products and services that meet our clients’ expectations in terms of value for money;
  • To maintain permanent contact with clients, collaborating together to improve our products and services;
  • To instruct, motivate and involve all the staff in the management and development of the Quality System that has been implemented;
  • To keep the commitment to constantly improving the Environmental Management System.